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Welcome To Hendrix Environmental Group

How We Exceed Expectations

At HEG, we go beyond the first impression to ensure your property’s landscaping never loses its novelty. You can expect that the care and attention you received at the start of a project, will be the same when you see our professional team maintaining a lush and exquisite look for your property. Where some landscaping companies are good at some things and mediocre at other things; HEG brings comprehensive solutions where nothing is compromised. We understand that landscaping and maintenance is a priority but can’t always be top on your to-do list, so let us do the heavy lifting and you can rest assured your property is always the oasis you want it to be.

Design and Installation

Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, we will maximize the aesthetic potential of your property based on your needs, vision and budget.


Regular mulching will sharpen the appearance of your beds, reduce the need for water and pesticides and helps control weeds. Customize your landscape with a wide selection of designer colors.


Proper irrigation is essential to maintain a lush and inviting landscape and you can rely on our experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure that control systems and parts are installed strategically and operate effectively.

Weed and Pest Control

Managing weeds and pests can reduce costs of maintenance and increase the health of your commercial landscape and make it more enjoyable.


Rely on our experience to develop a fertilization and pest control program that compliments your lawn, shrubs, ornamentals and trees to keep your landscaping beautiful and resilient to the environment.


Nothing is more impressive than a  magnificent landscape design illuminated at night. Achieve the look you want with high quality, strategically placed lighting.

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From Design to Maintenance, Expect Excellence

HEG is qualified to guide you through a renovation or to start from an undeveloped blueprint. Collaborate on the vision or sit back and let us help you determine what you like.  From development to maintenance you can expect precise attention to detail, excellent communication and superior execution.

Free Estimates

Let’s discuss budget parameters and expectations


Professional landscaping starts with proper control systems, parts and equipment. HEG offers all of the state-of-the-art technology.

Seasoned Experts

Backed by the support of an accomplished leadership team, our professionals are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of service.